It all starts with the land!

The biggest investment most people will ever make is their home. To this end the land upon which they build is very important. It is the foundation of not only their investment, but also their enjoyment.

The use of the lot is also important – will there be a pool? Will the garage be above ground, below or fee standing? Is a yard important? Sunlight for a garden, Will there be children? Will they play in the front yard or the back? Is security important? Is a cul-de-sac or a corner lot preferred? Etc…

Different municipalities have various setbacks to consider. These setbacks can determine the buildable area of the lot and thus determine the footprint of the home. This is also impacted by utility easements, easements in gross, prescriptive easements and other encumbrances such as waters of the State, which may impact the buildable use of the lot.

We not only understand the dynamics of lot selection, but have the expertise in negotiating and procuring the lot. In addition since we will be designing and building the home, we can quickly advise on the practicality of each lot being considered.